Ferdinand Edimo

I am Ferdy ED, Job Coach and Founder of 'MY JOB, MY PASSION'. I am passionate about people. My mission consists of providing you with the tools and strategies you need to land a job. But I do not stop here. I go further by helping you discover who you really are and what makes you unique. I believe that as human beings we all deserve to know ourselves in order to express our truest potential.

I am holder of a Master degree in Human Resources Management and proud member of the Career Professionals of Canada association. I possess many years of international experience in the recruitment field. I have been a job seeker and working in different continents has provided me with practical knowledge and strategies that I am using today to impact the world.

On a personal level, I went through very difficult times. I have experienced what it is like to look for a job for months. I have felt what it is like to be in a job that you hate, with no other option than keeping it to pay your bills. After many periods of doubts, fear, self-questioning, sacrifices and confusion, I ended up discovering what my life mission is. I took the time to really ensure that I am doing the right thing and paid particular attention to that persistent inner voice. Today, it is with firm commitment and unparalleled passion that I serve professionals of all backgrounds in the universe.

I strongly think that our life begins to have a real sense when we come to connect with our passion and when we discover what drives and makes us happy.

My greatest wish in this project is to help you do what you have always dreamed of doing and become what you have always wanted to be. Trust me, success starts with passion.