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The success of your professional project depends largely on the relevance of your resume and cover letter. In this section, I will show you how you can significantly optimize your positioning. You will learn how to synthesize and communicate your accomplishments, experiences and competences in a simple, specific, and impactful way. I will guide you step by step on how to write a powerful resume (and cover letter) that will increase your chances of landing your next job.

Your state of mind, attitude and personality are three key elements that will determine your success during your job search. It is absolutely important that you develop a winning mindset and a positive attitude when job hunting. In this section, I will show you the do's and the don'ts and will guide you through some practical strategies that will considerably optimize your job search.

The success of your job interview is mostly based on your attitude and personality. In this section, you will learn what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a job interview in order to stand out. There is really no magic. If you apply all the different techniques that I will show you, you will WIN!

Salary negotiation still remains a sensitive issue during a recruitment process. In order to position yourself as a professional, you need to know your worth and have sufficient information about the job market. Knowing your value and being able to translate it in a convincing, pertinent and professional way will definitely make you stand out. In this section, I will show you WHAT to say and HOW to say it, so you get the salary that you deserve.

Before changing careers, there are specific questions you need to ask yourself first, so you do not have regrets later. Working with a professional coach is exactly what you should do in order to ensure success. In this section, I will show you the things that you should do and those that you should not. I am perfectly aware this is a great decision you are taking for your life and will make sure you receive the best.

Your dream job is definitely the one that is aligned with your gifts, talents and personality. In order to live your passion, you first need to know who you are as a person. Knowing yourself and being able to use that potential to impact the world is the most fulfilling action you will take in your life. In this section, you will learn how to reprogram yourself for a better future.